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The Truth about Network Marketing Revealed…

It’s a proven fact that only 3% of network marketers will make enough money to support themselves, most never make more than a few hundred dollars. That means that 97% of network marketers will FAIL!

It’s another fact that roughly 90% of businesses in general will FAIL in the first 5 years!

Knowing this, while you are building your network marketing business, you should also have a secondary business selling products and services while building an email list…why you ask, because there is a huge business selling network marketing tools to the 97%…they are hungry and want to buy products to be in the 3%.

When the gold rush at Sutter’s Mill exploded in 1849, over 300,00 people flocked to California all looking to strike it rich…most never did, and went home empty handed. The guys that struck it rich were the guys selling the picks, shovels, and gold mining tools…they made a killing. So, what’s the moral of this story, sell the tools while prospecting…because 97% of your prospects need these tools.

Let me introduce myself, my  name is Ron Chordigian and I’m a Publishing Partner with Elite Marketing Pro.

Let me just say that this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to partner up with an existing major internet player and license their entire marketing system that will make sales and send you checks on complete auto-pilot.

Elite Marketing Pro has an unmatched track record of success with over $25 Million in sales and tens of thousands of very satisfied customers all over the world.

As an Elite Marketing Pro member you get to leverage all their “done for you” marketing funnels and profit from over a dozen of their high value products.

If you’ve been searching for a legitimate way to make money online without all the headaches and hassles…

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Elite Marketing Pro will…

  • Generate leads for you with it’s proven and tested capture pages!
  • Convert those leads into sales with it’s professionally written sales pages and videos!
  • Create additional streams of income for you with it’s highly optimized sales funnels, where you get paid on EACH and EVERY sale generated to your leads whether they buy today or a year from now!
  • Boost your profits with an automated state-of-the-art follow system that will automatically market to your leads with email, direct mail and Live phone calls to close even MORE sales!

What all this means is MORE profits and LESS hassles for you.

Keep in mind…

You DO NOT need to build web pages.

You DO NOT to write sales copy.

You DO NOT need to have your own merchant account.

They handle it all for you, even customer service.

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There isn’t a single video, seminar, email, “guru”, system, home study course, blog plugin or ANYTHING that will make you (or anyone) easy money. Chances are…you will lose money in EVERYTHING you try…at least at first. That’s what usually happens when you try something new…

Most people who buy “make money” stuff never make a dime. You have to work your BUTT OFF, make mistakes, try more stuff (some things work…some don’t), go back to the drawing board, work some more, and THEN you’re probably going to find success. That’s how it was for me…

The information found on this blog and pretty much everywhere is totally WORTHLESS…until you make a decision to apply it and take responsibility for your actions.

You need to make the conscious decision to persevere and jump over the hurdles that will be placed in front of you…and keep trying when you don’t immediately succeed…Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win…

Hard work and a good attitude are the most important ingredients to your success…Hard work being the most important…


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